Trading Features.
There are 4 trypes of accounts.

1. REGULAR A/C, Deposit  Rs. 10000/- get weekly payouts upto 90 working days.

2. CLASSIC A/C.Deposit Rs. 50000/-get weekly payouts upto 90 working days.

3. ADVANTAGE A/C. Deposit 1 lac get daily payout upto 120 working days.

4. MEGA A/C.. Deposit 2 lacs get daily payout upto 120 working days.

after ur entry u have to submitt us ur BANK a/c details.  the all above payouts wil delivered to ur a/c only.

All transactions well operatated by the main broker '' MEGA MARKETING''.

all Referel and Binery methods are 15% applicable as per terms and conditions.

Trading Hours
Market open at the optimal times to reduce any unexpected market fluctuations.
Mega Marketing market open and market close hours on MT4 are as follows:
Market Open (Monday): 11:00 MT4 Server Time
Daily trading break between 11:45 – 16:45 MT4 Server Time
Market Close (Friday): 13:58 MT4 Server Time
When the banks pricing into Mega Marketing switch online (Monday session start) and switch offline (Friday session end) the spreads can be wider as the
banks reset and liquidity is low.
In order to ensure that our clients positions are not stopped out by the resulting widened spread we commence pricing on Monday 2 minutes
later and close pricing on Friday 2 minutes earlier.
There is a daily 3 minute break in trading from 13:59-00:02 platform time.