About Us

Our Approach
We do things differently to ensure the best experience for our clients
Every broker has their own approach to foreign exchange trading services. Our aim to provide dependable and responsible trading services
with great support. So we provides all services through MEGA MARKETING..  its availabe in through out india.

The Approach for New Traders
Many brokers have their customer support teams housed in large call centers with the goal of attracting new traders to join and exhaust their
funds. If you contact a broker and they start pushing you to open a larger account than you originally intended or they encourage you to skip a
demo account altogether, be wary.

MEGA MARKETING has a different approach for new traders looking to trade on the Forex market. Instead of pushing new clients to trade with real money
we recommend that new traders use a demo account for a minimum of six months. We believe that six months is, at minimum, a good starting
point for new traders to start grasping concepts on Forex trading and better grasp the market.
If a new trader bypasses this step they might not understand and appreciate certain aspects of trading that should be understood before
investing your own capital. Things such as slippage, leverage and trading psychology are just a few aspects of trading that a demo account can
help teach.It’s recommended to only look to open a live account once there is sufficient track record on a demo account. Once you are ready
to go live, start small – if you are trading profitably after 8 months then you can look to fast increase the balance.
Many brokers don’t bother pushing new traders to open a demo account and instead recommend opening a live account at the outset.
Providing a live account to a new trader will likely lead to bad trades and in turn, a loss of capital investment.

MEGA MARKETING  Responsible Trading
Its starts clients off with 1:100 leverage. If a trader wants to increase their leverage they will need to speak with us and answer a
questionnaire to determine the risk the trader poses and that the trader understands the risks when using higher leverage. This is contrary
to other brokers who offer high leverage on signup (often up to 1:500).
Higher leverage allows a client to open large positions or hold a larger unrealised loss before reaching a margin call.
If you had a large open position that went against you in this example your account balance may have ended up in negative due to the extreme
move. By being careful with who we give higher leverage to we reduce the risk of an overexposed account going negative – which is
something we never want to see.For this reason Mega Marketing focuses on serious traders who can take advantage of our prime broker relationship,
professional trading service and great customer support.

Opening an Account
If you are looking to open a trading account the process is straightforward. An account can be opened directly through our website, after
which you will receive a call and an email from us.When opening an account with Mega Marketing, you can be sure that you can contact us by phone, by
email or by the live chat on our website at any time during market hours. Our aim is to develop a close relationship with our clients to better
understand their needs.If you are an institutional or high volume trader, we are capable of using our prime broker relationship to create
bespoke streams for individual clients. As you grow as a trader we offer the tools and resources to give you more depth for the price you
want to trade if needed.