Company Profile
We develop the tools investment professionals need to succeed.
Mega Marketing is an U.S.A and Australian based online commodities  brokerage firm with head office located in Sydney as well as development and support offices worldwide. We provide foreign exchange trading services directly and through established relationships with some of the most trusted names in the industry.

Our Vision
Mega Marketing places the highest value on transparency, efficiency and support for all clients and is committed to providing a premium, top-tier environment for all traders. We strongly believe that trade transparency is essential in order to maintain the highest level of integrity and that intensive monitoring and reporting of our counterparties are an essential part of business.
Our vision is to create a brokerage that our clients feel comfortable and at ease trading with so they can focus on their trading.

Relationships With Clients
Building long term relationships based on trust are a key part of sustaining business and is our primary focus at Mega Marketig. In conjunction with providing one of the best forex trading environments available, our support team who are dedicated and committed provide fast and accurate responses to any inquiry and ensure that our clients’ experience is always our top priority.
Innovative and adaptable, our team remains in touch with new technologies and services well before they become available so that we are able to provide the best advice as soon as they are operational ensuring that Mega Marketing remains the leader in customer experience in the industry.

Dedicated to Institutional Traders
Our system is accessible for all traders and we are proud to offer a service of fully customised and bespoke pricing streams for institutional traders, depending on their specific needs to ensure that the correct liquidity is available to suit their trading strategy.
If you have specific requirements our team is available to discuss your requirements and work with you to develop an environment which will be most suitable to your needs and circumstances.

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  • Relationships

    Our business depends on healthy relationships with customers.

  • Integrity

    We are proud of our reputation, built over many years, which depends on us consistently doing the right thing.

  • Accountability

    We take action to do the right thing and assume responsibility for our decisions, actions, operations

  • Responsibility

    We aim to make a positive difference to the communities where we operate and seek ways to assist them.